Summer or Winter- BORSZÉK

Borszék`s (in Romanian Borsec) popularity is due to its rich in ozone and clear, highland air, tempting to walk forests, fields, mineral water springs incredibly rich in mineral substances, around the world famous fizzy medicinal waters .

BORSZÉK is the one of the best situated reacreation area (town) in the 900 m height, extends in a valley surrounded by mountains with forests at the meeting point of the mounts Görgényi and Kelemen.

Int he centre of Borszék, next to the first mineral water fountain of the Szekely gate street there is the „Borostyánkő Villa”Pension that was built and renovated magnificiently in the right place of Lázár Bath.

Next to the pension there are two mineral water fountains (LÁSZLÓ and BOLDIZSÁR) which pamper our guests.

Int he ornamented wood building, surrounded by terraces , highly exigent rooms( with wash basin or shower) , dayroom, dining-room and modernized kitchen are available at the guests` disposal.

1 room with day-room - 4 persons
1 room with baby bed - 4 persons
4 room with 2-2 persons
All rooms can be aquitted with extra beds.






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